Do You Value Internet Rights? Too Bad, This Company’s Making Sure You Won’t Get Them!

Your love for the Internet just might be killing your privacy, destroying your business, and ruining your life.

But the reason isn’t quite what you’d imagine; your double-digit hours logged on social media this week isn’t the problem. Neither are your down-to-the-minute Facebook status posts with absolutely nothing interesting to say.

No, no, no. It’s far worse than that. Continue reading

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The Definitive Guide to Running a Succesful Bing PPC Campaign – Part 1

Hell no, this isn't my car!


Let me guess…

You fall into one of three categories if you have a website or are even thinking of creating one:

  1. You could use more traffic
  2. You want more traffic
  3. You absolutely need more traffic

Am I spot-on? Good. Continue reading

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How a Graphic Design Wiz Failed in Business, Went Bankrupt, and Became an Addict

The story you are about to read contains material of a frank and graphic nature, and may be disturbing or unsettling to some.

Please proceed with caution.  Reader discretion is highly advised.

This quick news brief is difficult to believe because it hits so close to home.

I’ve recently received information that a colleague’s friend, an influential graphic designer and former model, has lost everything and is in the fight of her life. Although she had resources and people to call on to assist her, she failed to reach out for help.

And now she’s paying the ultimate price. Read more…


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I’m Back: Bolder, Badder and Better than Ever Before!

My Beer Vacation Has Officially Ended

It’s been over 40 weeks since my last blog post was published into the abyss of digital noise. What seemed like mere weeks, has morphed somehow into months.

How time does fly when you’re not having fun!

—- Continue reading

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4 Time-Tested Tips for Finding Clients as a Writer, Business Owner or Sales Professional

Dude, Where’s My Profit?

We’re in business to earn revenue.

Incur wealth. Boost ROI. Draw income. Turn a profit. Count Benjamin Franklins.

But, oh boy it’s hard these days. Continue reading

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Attention Ruthless Content Mills: Chapter 7 is Callin’

Be Gone, Content Mills.

WARNING: This is a progressive rant dedicated to the alleged parties who choose to make a commodity of professional writers’ creative and physical labor–used to render countless dollars in revenue for companies worldwide. Continue reading

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How to Write a Sales Letter That Fails Miserably

Perhaps you’re sitting on the fences and not in the trenches—contemplating how to write a sales letter—the right way…or no way at all?

Or you already started to dig in, like surf and turf at happy hour. Sweating with anticipation and fear of authoring yet another epic FAILURE?!

Thing is, most people are like kids; they do exactly what you tell them not to do. Knowing that, I am going to tell you how to write a sales letter that bombs—explosively… Continue reading

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Spell Check Scandal: 8 Unnecessarily Common Misspelled Words of Non-Illiterate People

commonly misspelled wordsThe wise man once warned, “watch your words.” The wise copywriter warns, “watch the watcher of your words.”

Lest you plan to find your embarrassing blunders in my list of sinfully misused words, as seen here: Continue reading

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How to Copywrite 101: When You Can’t Afford to Hire a Pro!

Anyone can write Killer copy. Copy that KILLS sales!

 You’re in quite the dilemma. Your budget is low or non-existent. Deadlines are approaching. Obsessing over that future launch date is keeping your bed cold—no sleep for you. Still, you’re determined to get this project done. Even if you have to do it yourself, you will. Continue reading

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Creative Copywriting 101: Why Your Ads Aren’t Paying Off

creative copywriterYou are a stupendous writer. You know your way around an adjective. You turn prose in a short-breath.

Your crafty wordplay can convince a nun to go topless on Sunday.  Yet for some reason—you just can’t seem to pay the bills with your skills. Continue reading

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