Bad Writers? Why Business Owners and Executives Should NEVER Write Sales Copy!

bad writerBusiness owners and executives, stop writing your own copy IMMEDIATELY!

Yes, I know, times are tough….


Businesses are forced to make cutbacks and tighten spending on expenses deemed unnecessary. Unfortunately for them, many unaware decision-makers consider marketing and advertising an unnecessary or “cut-worthy” expense.

“How hard can it be to write?” We can do that ourselves and spend the savings on other investments.”

Sound familiar at all? If it does, your business is suffering and you most likely don’t know it. By all means, avoid picking up the pen or keyboard to invent your own sales copy! What do I mean by sales copy? Words properly constructed to convey a message. Sales copy is seen in:

The list could go on much further, but I’m sure you get the point:  Business owners and executives are bad writers when it comes to marketing! Let’s discuss why:

1. Emotionally Connected to the Product/Service

Without taking many steps back from your interests, you can’t see the forest for the trees. You need an objective viewpoint to truly measure the value and likability of your product or service. The only way to achieve this is to partner with a writer who has no attachment to your offerings, but who is knowledgeable in capturing the interest—and the incomes—of your ideal prospects. Using words.

2. Telling isn’t Selling

Bad writers spend a great deal of time explaining away—why their goods should be given the time of day. Business owners and executives are usually highly adept in product knowledge and customer trends; however, selling is an art and not a science.

Listing your track record, product features and highlighting your company’s excellence doesn’t ensure a connection with your prospect—it just drives them to your competition while making you another commodity. Put that pen down now!

3. Secretary Syndrome

Does your secretary or executive assistant prepare the majority of your communications: email, memos, reports, letters and more? Another reason why many business owners and executives are bad writers is because they pass the literary work on to their assistants!

So, when the time comes to construct sales copy, they are unprepared; not in the flow of corresponding with the outside world via words. See why it’s a bad idea to write your own copy…Mr. Business Owner?

4. Sounding Too Artificial

If you write your best copy as an owner or executive and compare it to a novice copywriter, chances are it will pale by comparison. Yes, you run or manage a business, think strategically; find products and services to bring to the market and find customers for your wares. However, most often your copy will sound like it was produced by an executive or manager—not a professional copywriter. Does that make you a bad writer?

Well, if your marketing collateral reads more like a product description or term paper than a persuasive, hard-to-pass-up, advertising piece—you are a bad writer (of copy). Leave it to the big boys!

5. No Track Record

You’ve probably cold called entire countries and closed numerous deals because of it. You amassed a stable business or a growth in sales and/or productivity; and you write business proposals for prospective clients with great success. You have the drive and determination to keep pushing the envelope and expanding your boundaries—and your business. But there’s just one thing wrong:

You have no track record in writing copy which persuades and motivates prospects to buy!!

Bad writers and good writers alike should leave this to professional copywriters.  Good writers get results; results equal sales; sales equal revenue in the bank. See what I’m getting at?

If you’ve never written a piece of copy, which by itself propelled a product or service to sales success, your track record is not up to task. Thus, if you’re a business owner or executive, take a step away from your desk; pick up the phone and call a real sales-writer to convey your message in the best—and most profitable—way possible.

Until next time…don’t be a bad writer.


Yours truly,

By Jarvis Edwards Commercial Copywriter

Jarvis Edwards

About Jarvis Edwards

Jarvis Edwards absolutely loves helping companies and individuals find more success with their marketing endeavors. As senior copywriter at Ayiam Digital, he provides his time-tested copywriting ability and hands-on marketing strategy for every project he takes on. Follow him on Twitter @Jarvis_Edwards.
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5 Responses to Bad Writers? Why Business Owners and Executives Should NEVER Write Sales Copy!

  1. I’ve come across way too many sales letters that sound either desperate, canned or just tough to read in general. Do you mind if I add a tip here? Before you begin to write sales copy, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember to read as many books on sales and marketing as possible. One good book is “Who Moved My Cheese.” Loved it. Good tips here by the way.

  2. Gina Mohr says:

    Yeah, I am by NO means a professional writer. I’d rather hire someone who is instead of making a fool of myself. Good points!

  3. Krista Brown says:

    Just stumbled across your blog when searching online for copywriting tips. Love all the interesting articles, tips and advice you provide. Bookmarked and shared :).

  4. Roger Smitty says:

    Thanks for Tweeting this post! These are some very interesting points. As a business owner, I was just looking up on Google “How TO write sales copy” but now I see why it’s better not to even try. lol

  5. Great article. My dad is a successful business owner and I am starting to take over the business. I was also going to write sales copy but I have been struggling so it’s probably best I hand that off to someone else,, back to square one

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